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Top-level expertise in weather events
and their consequences
NUMTECH carries out global-scale missions ranging from research into the atmospheric dispersion of emissions linked to human activities, through to producing or forecasting air quality figures or providing expert assessments of meteorological events.

Our experts estimate the impact of emissions from industrial, road or urban sources, outlining the related health risks so these can be factored into your projects.

NUMTECH designs and develops operational decision support systems specifically aimed at helping you manage atmospheric discharges at your sites.

Industrials, local authorities or general design offices can tap into a range of software solutions that can be set up at their site, accompanied by custom-designed training and follow-up.
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April 2016

Urban Air® is today the tool that will allow meeting tomorrow's challenges. For you, decision-makers, this challenge to provide to each of your fellow citizen robust information on air quality and at high resolution is already possible.
June 2016

NUMTECH has participated to the Inria@SiliconValley 6th annual workshop (BIS’2016) on June 8-10, 2016 in Paris.
June 2016

Air Lorraine now displays on its website daily high resolution air quality forecasting maps for the urban areas of Metz metropole and Grand Nancy, thanks to the operational system developed by NUMTECH: Urban Air®.
June 2016

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June 2016

NUMTECH, as member of the SFSE, participates in meetings on various topics related to the methodology of the assessment of the health risks.