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June 2018

NUMTECH attended the event!

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The theme of this 9th edition was "Outdoor and indoor air pollution: Sources, Impacts, Diagnostics & Solutions".

NUMTECH, as player in the field of air quality, attended this new edition of the Parisian congress which took place on June 19 and 20.

This year, indoor air quality and sensor technology were honoured.


On the outdoor air quality topic, we notice the presentation of the CITEPA / LafargeHolcim / Atmo Hauts-de-France consortium within the framework of the Cortea Emcair project on the improvement of knowledge on dust emissions linked to the extractive activities of careers.

For the needs of the project, the ADMS dispersion software, whose NUMTECH is the exclusive distributor in France and in French-speaking countries, was successfully implemented. Indeed, the results of the comparisons between model and measures were satisfactory, and confirm the relevance of the tool to deal with this kind of dispersion and to assess the impact of diffuse dust emissions released to the atmosphere by the "career" activity on concentrations in the air and in terms of fallouts on the ground.


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