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December 2018

Two new agglomerations covered by Urban Air®

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Atmo Hauts-de-France made available online the results of Urban Air® for Arras and Béthune.


The inhabitants of Arras and Béthune can now consult high resolution air quality monitoring and forecasting maps supplied by the operational system Urban Air® developed by NUMTECH and implemented by Atmo Hauts-de-France over both agglomerations.

 These two new agglomerations are added to Lille, Dunkerque, Saint-Omer and Douai, on which Urban Air® is already operational. NUMTECH thanks the association for air quality monitoring for its trust and is proud that its system informs the inhabitants of the Hauts-de-France Region about the state of air they are breathing.



More information: Guilène GEREMY, +33 (0)4 73 28 75 95, +33 (0)6 17 77 53 88,

JUIN 2019

Dispersion atmosphérique, évaluation de l’impact sur la qualité de l’air et sur la santé des populations, maîtrise des outils logiciels.
Mars 2019

Calais a son Urban Air®. Atmo Hauts-de-France informe désormais les Calaisiens/Calaisiennes sur l'état de la qualité de l'air.