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July 2019

Innovative solutions for a sustainable airport

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NUMTECH was in Paris on June 20 to present its know-how in air quality modelling.

On the occasion of the first Ecotech Solutions Meeting for a sustainable airport organized by PEXE, PROAVIA and UAF last June in Paris, NUMTECH presented its expertise in the development and deployment of air quality monitoring systems, as well as its know-how in the modelling of airport atmospheric releases.

Like its Urban Air® and Plum'Air® systems, NUMTECH offers a version of its operational platform for air quality monitoring and forecasting based on the atmospheric dispersion software dedicated to airport managers, ADMS-Airport software. This operational platform integrates all emission sources - including the most specific - identified on such an infrastructure, and delivers in real time and up to two days accurate information on the impact of airport activity on air quality in the environment of the site and at the level of the nearest residents. As real tool for communicating and managing the impact of this type of site on air quality, this platform allows a better integration of the equipped airport in its ecosystem and in an environment often considered sensitive.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank PEXE for its commitment towards the French eco-companies of which NUMTECH is a part, and especially for its concrete actions allowing an effective relationship with customers and offering a showcase for their innovations.


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