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August 2020

Odoreport, to report odor nuisance

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Your new online tool for odor nuisance reporting.

To close this first trilogy in the presentation of our digital tools for environmental monitoring, initiated by Report’Air, completed by Plum’Air®, here is Odoreport, your new online tool for odor nuisance reporting.

Today, it is essential that there be an exchange between residents and the site emitting odors. The residents’ feeling is one of the most important information in the consideration of these odor nuisances. This feeling can no longer be ruled out when analyzing the impact of a site, whatever it is!

Autonomous in its operation but more powerful when coupled with Plum’Air®, this management tool for complaints about odour nuisance is part of this dialogue process. It allows residents to provide the precise location and hour of the nuisance as well as information on their feeling.

Coupled with Plum'Air®, Odoreport enables to:

  • visualize the position of the complaints on the modeling maps of your site's releases,
  • estimate if your site may be responsible for the nuisance,
  • carry out statistical analyzes on events, over a given period.


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