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July 2022

Air and health study as part of the BREST MÉTROPOLE public transport network development project

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NUMTECH carried out the air and health study of the BREST METROPOLE public transport network development project.

source: - © Simon Cohen

NUMTECH carried out the air and health study called to feed the impact study of the project to develop the public transport network "Mon réseau grandit" ("My network is growing") of BREST MÉTROPOLE on behalf of Tram2-BMa (all the information on the project Monré, for which SYSTRA is the project management representative.

This structuring project, which is part of BREST MÉTROPOLE's 2019-2025 Climate Plan, aims to improve the current Brest public transport network, in particular by creating, by the end of 2025-beginning of 2026, two new lines transport: a tram line going from the station to the CHRU of la Cavale Blanche, passing through the city center and the Bellevue district and the university campus, and a high-level service bus line (BHNS) going from the station to Lambézellec

As part of this major regulatory study, with the aim of studying the possible impacts of the project on air quality and the health of populations, NUMTECH carried out:

  • the air quality modeling of the initial state over Brest and over a large part of its agglomeration, based on the results of the measurement campaigns carried out by IRH INGÉNIEUR CONSEIL, Measurement subsidiary of ANTEA GROUP, including more than 40 measurement points (air quality and soil),
  • the assessment of the impact of the project on air quality by fine-scale modeling at the implementation of the projects and 20 years later,
  • the assessment of the impact of the project on the health of so-called vulnerable populations (elderly people, children, people with disabilities) through a health risk assessment (HRA).

Avril 2022

NUMTECH a obtenu la certification Qualiopi.
Juillet 2022

Il reste des places pour les prochaines sessions de formation ADMS-Roads et ADMS.
Juillet 2022

NUMTECH a réalisé l’étude Air et Santé du projet de développement du réseau de transport en commun de BREST MÉTROPOLE.