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September 2022

Further monitoring of the French Navy's nuclear monitoring system

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The French Navy entrusts NUMTECH with a second phase of Maintenance in Operational Condition of its new nuclear monitoring system.


In 2022, the new nuclear surveillance and crisis management system of the French Navy (called 2SNM), intended to permanently detect any increase in radioactivity in the air on the four military ports of Toulon, Île Longue, Cherbourg and Brest, has arrived at its end, after its deployment and its VSR (Regular Service Verification) and a first phase of Maintenance in Operational Condition (MCO).

The National Navy General Staff has just entrusted the group of partners, of which NUMTECH is a member, with the continuation of this MCO, until the end of 2024.

NUMTECH intervenes within the framework of the module called Information and Decision Support System (SIAD) whose calculation engine was designed and produced by it, based on the Code_Saturne software for fluid mechanics (CFD).

In addition to this second phase of maintenance, additional developments are underway in 2022.

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