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October 2017

NUMTECH is involved in fighting air pollution

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"A Lab in the Air" in the PACA region, "AIRLAB" in the Île-de-France region and "[R] Challenge" in Lyon: three initiatives for the emergence of innovative projects to which NUMTECH participates as air quality expert.

NUMTECH accelerates its involvement in French innovation for air quality protection. It now participates in three local initiatives whose the common goal is to encourage the emergence and to support innovative projects providing concrete answers to this issue:

- "A Lab in the Air" from Air PACA was inaugurated in June. The aim of this FabLab is to support innovation strategies from territorial and economic stakeholders on this topic.
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- More recently, AIRPARIF launched "AIRLAB" which aims to bring together through its founding members and its user community, a group of stakeholders involved in an opened and collaborative approach to improve air quality.
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- the "[R] Challenge" of the "Plan Oxygène" from Métropole du Grand Lyon that is an ambitious instrument whose the objective is to support the emergence of innovative digital services allowing to fight air pollution and to protect the living conditions for the inhabitants of Métropole de Lyon.

Juillet 2018

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Juillet 2018

NUMTECH a appuyé le groupe de travail constitué par le Haut Conseil de la Santé Publique (HCSP) pour répondre à une question relative aux NPs de TiO2.